William Piper | Violin Maker


Hello, I'm William Piper. I've been a violin maker and repairer for 46 years since starting my apprenticeship at Sydney Evans violin shop in Birmingham in 1965 and have now made and sold over 600 instruments.

You are welcome to visit my walk around workshop where you can see all aspects of violin making taking place 'before your very eyes." Unlike  most violin makers, who make a living by doing repair work and dealing, I seriously specialise in making new instruments by hand. You can have a bite to eat in the comfortable country restaurant and take in the idyllic Worcestershire country side  with the Malvern hills in the background.

You can also visit the Jinney Ring web site here.

There is also an article about me to be found here, by the
Worcestershire Arts Trail.

Not so much a violin maker as a tourist attraction ...